HOT MUMMAS | Sweet little thing called toothpaste


Tooth decay is the most common disease with 84 per cent of UK adults having had at least one filling.

*Doesn't smile for rest of the day on the realisation she has TEN*

Colgate has launched Maximum Cavity Protection plus Sugar Acid Neutraliser, the first toothpaste with the latter part.
In my mind, it's perfect for those mums who have a sweet tooth, then forget to clean their teeth in the throws of tiredness (not out of laziness, honest).

This toothpaste took eight years of development, including studies of 14,000 people - the true test of the war against cavities.

Combining fluoride and the sugar acid neutraliser it will not only help stop, but reverse the early onset of tooth decay.

It left my breath minty fresh (other mums may not agree!) without that horrible overpowering fluoride taste.

Thankfully our two year maternity exemption will cover any nasty filling and root canal etc, but ladies, brushing twice a day is easy to fit in. Especially when you know your toothpaste is doing the work of the dentist.

Available now visit for more info.


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