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I am very annoyed at myself. And at my GP. But more-so with myself because I have now been talked into getting contraceptive pills I don't want TWICE previously, and today I let myself be led once again, despite going into my appointment knowing what I want. Apparently I am powerless to put my foot down when it comes to doctors.

The same sort of thing happens with hairdressers. I go in and say what I want, and then when I can see it start to go wrong I don't say anything and just suck it up. I doubt I'm the only one who gets in this situation.  But when things go wrong at the hairdresser I know I can get it fixed easily. Reversing the effects of a contraceptive pill takes a lot more waiting and patience.

So, the first time I was suckered by the GP was just after Lucy was born. I wanted to get back on the pill but I was breastfeeding, so the doctor gave me this pill that was safe to take. But they failed to tell me that I would pretty much have my period all the time - indeed a sure fire way of avoiding another baby but not the type of contraception I was after!

Then when I stopped breastfeeding I thought right, enough of this crap, I'm getting myself on the real deal. But somehow the GP talked me into getting Cileste, even though when I took this as a youth it made my skin really bad. I did explain this but he basically just dismissed it so I told myself that my 35 year old hormones would make things different. But oh no, 3 months in and I am getting major pizza face.

There's no way I'm waiting around for the full pizza topping though, so the other day I went to the doctor again to change back to my old pill, Marvelon. My skin is never perfect but this one was ok.  But somehow I left the surgery with a prescription for Microgynon which is a complete unknown for me and I'm a bit nervous to read the little leaflet listing the possible side effects.

I think the problem is largely that my GP is a man. I don't feel 100% comfortable talking through all the different options and how they might affect me. I don't really feel I can stand up for myself. Also, men don't really understand why a woman might want or not want a certain type of pill. They will never have to worry about it so why should they care? Who knows, maybe they just try to push whichever medicine comes from their favourite pharma company?

So if any readers take or have taken Microgynon and can tell me what your experiences are that would be awesome. And when I move house I'm definitely getting myself a lady doctor - and a pair of balls!

RL x

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