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Whilst fantastic for the calf muscles and tanning of the forearms, all this recent pram walking in the sunshine has left m once kissable lips feeling a little weathered.
My smackers have cracked and dried up – feeling super sore and uncomfortable, as a slight aside, this led me to thinking – why is it you can’t stop licking them when they feel like that, making it 100 times worse?
Anyway, disappointingly, having turned to all my old faithfuls to try to regain some moisture nothing was working. 
As if a gift sent by God, my mother-in-law, Bunnie, drops by with a treat - a bag full of goodies from SpaceNK (I’d recently done her a good turn).
Ripping the beautiful black bag open in excitement, amongst other items, I was greeted with a lip conditioner I had not come across before-Caudalie Lip Conditioner (from
Well, what can I say? Goodbye chaffed chops and 'hello plumped pout!'
This anti-aging and nourishing lip conditioner by Caudalie Paris is absolutely amazing.  I immediately felt relieved and this feeling continued for quite some time - unlike some other lip balms etc that seem to slide off instantly.  
Derived from 99.5% natural products and paraben free this product left my lips feeling soft and smooth 

It has a sweet light vanilla aroma and flavour which is super soothing. AND in my opinion, a snip at £5.50 in comparison to some of the other high end lip conditioning products.
In summary, this little lovely lip moisturiser definitely gets my vote, and will be a make-up bag essential for many years to come – thank you Caudalie (and Bunnie of course for the discovery and gift).
(Incidentally this product has a consistent 5 star review on the Caudalie website so I am not alone in my thinking).
SK xx
Go to now to buy.

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