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This time of year my bonce suffers from a massive attack of the frizz.
The humidity, heat, sweat - just about anything sends my straightened-to-within-an-inch-of-its-life bonce into overdrive.

And as I recently stopped breastfeeding, clumps of hair had been falling out faster than Jenson Button in his McLaren (car, not pram).

My bathroom was barren of any conditioner. Motherhood has left my brain in a permanent state of disarray. To remember to buy anything for me and beautifying that doesn't fall into the nappies, baby milk, nappy cream, baby food category, believe me - it's not easy. I'm suffering of a serious case of 'baby first, mummy never'.

After rifling through the bathroom cabinets, I found a deep conditioning Palmers coconut oil protein pack  - given to me in a goodie bag. Aside from anything but Kerastase hitting these parched locks, I was a little dubious, I'll admit.
Hailed as a 'protein pack' and 'deep conditioning', I presumed it'd be a lot heavier than conditioner, but at the end of the day - beggars can't be choosers.

It comes in a 60g pack for £1.99, you'll easily get 3-4 uses. It's an excellent travel size to take on hols and great as a monthly treat.
You wont need to use this with every hair wash, maybe once a week for an extra boost, it's targeted for over-processed or damaged locks.

The scent is incredible, evoking memories of summer & recognisable holiday smells - a bit like a Pina Colada, or Hawaiian Tropic sun cream. It's definitely up there with one of my favourite scents.
The same consistency as normal conditioner and using a hazelnut sized blob, I leave it on for 10 minutes sink back and unwind (NB: if possible) and let it do its magic.

With the main contender Coconut oil, a dollop of Vitamin E, hair hero Keratin and Silk Protein, my locks were in hair heaven.
Many do not realise the benefits of natural coconut oil in cooking and on skin and hair.
Her of magnificent hair, Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr, swears by coconut oil to keep her locks super smooth. However, the natural version is often a far messier option when using as a hair treatment, so this handy little pack helps give you the little hair boost whenever you need it, with minimum fuss.

I rinse out the product out as I would a normal conditioner, and immediately my hair feels softer, healthier and frizz-free. The brush goes through it easily like knife a into butter, and blow-drying is a treat, rather than a chore. I can't believe a product this affordable has managed to make such a difference to my unmanageable locks.

At a mere £1.99, its an absolute beauty bargain, I want to tell the world about this fantastic beauty discovery (I am).
My bleached, parched hair absolutely loves this powerful product.
The results last a good few days (mainly as I don't WASH my hair for 2-3 days).
Embarrassingly prior to this discovery, I used to leave my hair for much longer *coughs* - more like five, roots are in, ok?
But truthfully the main reason was because it was such a ball-ache to blow-dry.

This is my summer hair hero, without a doubt, and a snip at £1.99 a pack.
I'd stock up ladies - you wont want to miss out.

Palmers Protein Pack

LN xx

£1.99 Superdrug nationwide 

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