GLUM MUMS I New Mum, New Eye Bags


Those sleepless nights from a newborn baby inevitably mean: Eye bags *sighs*.
Then you may as well welcome in new wrinkles and dark circles.

Somehow the fine lines that went unnoticed before have become glaringly obvious. 
Days are spent pouring over the mirror (well, mine is) scrutinising each new one, followed by a breakdown and/or bitch fit (whichever seems more suitable at the time).

A lack of sleep, little water consumption, too much caffeine - they're all contributing factors to the war against wrinkles.
While struggling all day with a little one, it's hard to get back on track and do the aforementioned simple skincare tips.

I hold my hands up in despair. In my 34-years I've never been a devotee to eye-cream (which is probably why they're in such a pickle now). Every now and again I'll remember to apply one of the discarded or half used eye products, but I don't do it religiously - and definitely not daily.
With me it's about ease, and generally fitting around my hectic lifestyle.
So, when I was given the sparkly brand new Elemis Pro-Collagen Hydra-Gel Eye Masks to try, I was all over them like a cheap suit.

I opened the packet to discover two very sticky patches, (at this point didn't realise I had to remove the clear film and the white bit to separate the two patches). I nearly applied one on my eye with the backing sheet on it (dur).
All fingers and thumbs, the sticky gel pads are much like those you'd have under your eye if you're having semi-permanent eyelashes, or a tint - just much, much more pliable and WET!
After my little mishap, I managed to get the gel patches in place. They weren't too offensive, as you can see, and felt very hydrating. 

I love I can go about my daily chores nonchalantly whilst sporting the gel pads under my eyes. Even 'Terry, the postie' was unperturbed when I wantonly answered the door avec le eye masks (and my jacket fell open).

The hydra-gel patches are formulated to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with padina pavonica (brown algae) and chlorella (single cell green algae), while hyaluronic acid hydrates the ultra delicate eye area and will do their work in 20 minutes, while you go about yours.

There's 6 in the packet, and at £46, they are eye-wincingly expensive (see what I did there?)
Equally, I must admit my eyes are looking brighter today, and I haven't worn a scrap of make-up, my son still recognises me - so all ok in my book!

The patches are advised to be used once a week, and in the clinical trials, 90 per cent of users saw increased hydration immediately after use, with 71 per cent agreeing the product left skin feeling instantly tightened.

The price per patch is £7.60, but if you equate that to those two calorific coconut mocha frappes - what would you rather indulge in? 

Go on, treat yourself - and especially if you're off to Glasto - you'll definitely need it!

LN xx

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