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I've got a 6-month old teething baby, yet no sign of teeth.

There's lots of dribble, unsettled nights, fist munching, and general yelps as waves of pain pass through him. But no sign of those toothy-pegs.

I was kindly sent a Drool Monkey to try - a safe and organic solution for teething. 
With no toxic dyes, retardants or synthetic fabrics it doubles up, actually scrap that, QUADRUPLES up, as a teether, rattle, burp cloth and blankie (noo noo in my household).

Essentially it is a knotted muslin, that desperate mothers dealing with crabby, teething babies have used for years.
But, it is taken a step further with the addition of the monkey face that combines a rattle, and plenty of excess material for other uses, like a security blanket. 

So what I love about it is....


When baby has a good old munch, the absorbent fabric mops up moisture from baby's skin to prevent 'drool rash'.

Simple, plain and effective design. A cute embroidered monkey with rattle inside (as his face), nice and contemporary for anyone who doesn't like lots of colour (not sure who doesn't when babba is involved - but there is always room for one!)

Works as a nursing cover, as well as a sun shield when thrown over the front of the pram.

Stays clean, as there's a reusable drawstring bag, its machine washable and dryable.

Has a nice little To: & From: tag, so it's lovely as a thoughtful gift, especially as it's relatively unknown at the moment - which will soon change!

Relieves teething pain with the knotted fabric that baby can gnaw on.

Has a couple of removable tethers to affix it on carrier, stroller etc

Made from custom-woven certified organic cotton - perfect for those eco mummas.

Oh, and the c'lebs love it!

And it's £20, so it's a lovely little baby shower gift without breaking the bank.

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