HOT MUMMAS | Protecting my ageing face against the lovely sun!


These sunny days are great, aren't they? It's so nice to spend time outdoors and soak up some sunshine, and hopefully get a bit of colour into my pasty skin in the process.

But as much as I love it, my problem with sun is that over the last couple of years I've noticed some weird pigmentation in my skin that comes out when I've been exposed for an hour or two. Small patches appear with my freckles which have always frustrated me anyway and it even happens when I use protection.

So this year I'm trying to be extra good and use Lucy's factor 50 sun screen on my face. But I don't really like using it instead of my regular moisturiser, and it's just too much to use it over the top, especially if I'm then putting on foundation.

I've tried a lot of different moisturisers recently, mostly ones to combat wrinkles and aging, and it makes no sense to me that very few of them include any kind of spf protection.

Due to the discolouration on my forehead, and uneven skin tone in general, I'm currently trying Olay Regenerist Luminous Skin Tone Perfecting Moisturiser and Dark Circle Correcting Eye Swirl.

It seems to work quite well but the first time I used it I discovered that rather than sinking into the skin it works kind of like a very fine face mask. So I couldn't use it like a normal moisturiser and put foundation on top or wear it on a hot day. And since it doesn't include spf protection I can't use it during the day even without makeup because it's not ideal for layering with sunscreen.  So, I've been using it at night, hoping that it has some lasting effect rather than being just a daily cover-up.

But none of my other moisturisers seem to have built in sun protection either, and I can't decide whether to try some new ones or just put up with having to wear double. My favoured factor 50 is Nivea Sun Kids - the type that sprays blue until it's rubbed in. It's pretty light and doesn't leave your skin looking an odd shade of purple like some others. And there's a great deal on it at Superdrug - nearly half price!

I guess I could just use it on it's own but I'm afraid that my face will age and crumble without anti-wrinkle cream like that Nazi soldier in the Indiana Jones movie who 'chose poorly'!

RL x

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