YUMMY MUMMIES I Mummy day off


It was so nice to finally spend a day off from the madness of the office (although one naughty mummy is meant to be working ha ha). Today's heat is extortionate - 33 to be exact. That's scorchio Greece heat! So we've all, including RB's Lucy, (pictured) popped to Shoreditch House.
Thank goodness I've piz buined (not burnt) up. Probably not the best idea to wear black - but I wanted to show off peanut - sadly I think everyone just thinks I'm bloated....LN
So any yummy mummy who wants to keep peanut happy will indulge in one of these lovely healthy cleansing juices. Despite the one I wanted being unavailable, it worked out fine, and soon became seemingly obvious as to why - all the Grapefruit available was in the complimentary water! LN 

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