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As most things are a first for me with my first babba (obvs), I'm always willing to give anything a darn good go that'll put paid to my itchy, dry skin.
Moisturising your body is ESSENTIAL at this body-testing time, and I'll put my hands up that I'm one of those who always forgets come rain or shine. Shoe-horning myself in tights most of the year until the sun comes out - why should I bother moisturising - if no-one is seeing 'em, eh?
Now that my sexy swollen legs are on show - I need some colour and/or moisturising - so here comes Vaseline Spray & Go - perfect for a lazy latherer like myself and brand new to the market.
Having taken America by storm, the spray on moisturiser is one of its kind, and you literally spritz it on the areas that need it - and go!
It comes in soft oat, aloe fresh (my fave) and cocoa radiant - it sits on the surface of skin and feels a little like a water spray on application, but absorbs fully and leaves skin really hydrated.
The price is £4.99 (, I'm not sure how cost-effective it is, as not sure if there's a lot of wastage what with the spray nozzle?
If good old Vas looked to reduce it to around the same cost of their bottles - there will inevitably be a stampede for this time-effective alternative moisturiser.
LN x

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