FIT MUMMAS | Biting the bullet - August is the month to lose that baby weight!


So this is it. I'm annoying myself with constantly complaining about not having lost my baby weight and I have only myself to blame. Yes, I am naturally lazy, but that's no excuse!

I've decided that there can be no more excuses, August is the month I'm going to do it. I have a holiday abroad at the end of September and am determined to wear my bikini, even if the one-piece is fashionable right now. I also want to be in good shape again to go back to work so I can buy some nice smart work clothes (yes it's all about the shopping!).

Here's my plan. When Lucy is napping I'm going to spend at least 20 mins doing something strenuous. Like lifting weights or doing sit-ups or dancing like crazy to MTV Dance. And I'm going to eat less sugar and fewer carbs overall - not cut them out altogether but just have less.

And you guys are going to keep me honest. Every day I'll do a short post in the evening with my daily weight and what exercise I've done. I'm also going to be even more honest and list any naughty things I've eaten in the previous day to shame me into not eating them again.

Admittedly, this is more for me than for you readers but if anyone is game to join me, or if you're doing a weight loss plan of your own and need some support, please update in the comments section with your own stats. I'm listing these posts under the category FIT MUMMAS.

Good luck!

RL xx

Starting weight: 65kg dead on
Exercise: sit-ups, star jumps, weights

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