HOT MUMMAS | Sun protection for super sweaty weather!


As much as I love the hot weather, I really do hate to sweat. And nothing makes you feel sweatier than a slick of sunscreen - especially on your face.

Also, I inevitably always get sunburn on my hair parting, which results in gross peeling that looks like terrible dandruff.

If anyone else out there suffers from similar sun related afflictions, I highly recommend Malibu Scalp Protector spray. It's an spf15 dry spray designed to protect your scalp without making your hair greasy. And it's so great at this that I thought why not use it on my face too.

Now, obviously you should avoid getting this stuff in your eyes. So close your eyes and spritz this over your face. There's no need to rub it in and it dries in seconds, leaving an even layer of protection across your entire face. And best of all it won't start to melt and leave your skin feeling sweaty/greasy. Result!

Get yours from Superdrug - 50ml for £3.49

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