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Last time I was pregnant, I only bought only one maternity/nursing bra at the beginning, a sleep bra by Emma-Jane (approx. £17.50), and had been using Emma-Jane bra extenders (approx £4) on my other bras, which helped to widen the width for my expanding rib cage so that I could breathe. Emma-Jane do a great range of nursing/maternity bras which are really soft and comfortable for day/night wear. I would recommend the new Next Generation Nursing Bra (approx. £11) which is seamless and really soft.

However, as the birth was approaching (8 weeks to go) I realised that a combined maternity/nursing bra would have been useful, since I planned to breastfeed.

I tried the Elle McPherson style and didn't find those very comfortable, nor the Mothercare styles.

I had a fitting at Marks & Spencer and they told me I was a 36C. (This size also fits me in Mothercare bras). I was then fitted as a 32D in Freya, and in Figleaves as a 36D. Wohoo big boobs for the first time in my life! (Usually a small 34B!) Very confusing- but the rule is to get fitted before you buy.

I would recommend moulded or stretch cups (such as the Emma-Jane range) as most useful, as your breasts will change size throughout the pregnancy and breastfeeding, especially as they fill up with colostrum and breast milk just before the birth. Currently I am still wearing my nursing/maternity bras as I am still breastfeeding my 17 month old twice a day, but my breasts are tiny compared to when I was pregnant last time and when I was fully breastfeeding.

However, the sexiest and most comfy nursing/maternity bras I tried were Freya, and they are really good quality. I have worn mine regularly for nearly 2 years now and it is still in great condition and very supportive. I also just purchased a new style, the Freya Dotty, from Figleaves.com, which was £28. It's a teeny bit big on the cups but am hoping that being pregnanct again I will fill it out soon.

I also got some matching panties for £10, bargain! I can actually look hot whilst breastfeeding!

Figleaves.com have a wide range of maternity styles and currently have a 60% off sale on their website- woirth a look. I would recommend getting fitted before you buy though. Try going to a Debenhams store, as they stock most of these styles and will usually give you a free fitting!


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