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One thing I have noticed since becoming pregnant is my skin has become horrendously dry and itchy.

To be honest, I always suffered from scaly legs - I can't help it, I'm a slave to the razor - and rarely use conditioning gel.
Not pretty, not clever - and as a beauty maven, I should know better (didn't actually mean to rhyme there).
I do indeed use razors with conditioning bar superiority, but when you soak in the bath for hours like me, they often go soggy and disappear into that deep dark hole of despair - the plug. The ONLY time my legs feel super smooth are when I've grown my hairs back for a month and have a good old strip wax and then slather them in oil. And that's prior to holiday - so, er, once or twice a year. 
Anyway today I decided I would help mummies nationwide with their quest to find a super shower gel. There's no better way to start the day feeling super fresh and super soft and get rid of that pesky itch.
So here we go...

Imperial Leather Ocean Spa Shower Foamburst, £1.89, All major supermarkets
I'm a HUGE fan of this because my partner, who seems to use a bottle of shower gel a week, CAN'T possibly use more than a squidge or finds himself in a bit of lather bother - so a little goes a long way.
If you're scrimping and saving this is PERFECT. I recently got an offer on two at Boots - so always look around for a bargain.
It's silky, super soft and scrumptious, and the creamy lather goes a long way.
I'm currently using the blue bottle with sea kelp and birch bark and it has a soft aroma, a bit like fresh washing. Loves.

Simple Kind to Skin Refreshing Shower Gel, £2.10,
At BUBS we're all huge fans of Simple - mainly the face wipes as they are great for super sensitive skin, and when we're a bit pressed for time *coughs* NB: lazy.
Anyway this light and refreshing shower gel is great for sensitive skin as it has no perfume, no colour i.e no fuss. Our vegan mummy would love this - but hide it from hubby...

 Original Source Tea Tree and Mint Shower Gel, £2.30, All major supermarkets
Ok, so this is NOT going to change the life of your skin, however its amazing for sore, swollen legs - and great for under the pits. The stimulating gel wakes you up (another bonus), while the vapours can help the dreaded sinus issues we're all suffering with (anyone else get this?)
The tea tree gives an exhilarating wonderful sensation. AND .. hub wont be tempted to pinch this one, as if it gets on his dangly bits - he'll be in for a shock!
But for dryness, our favourite is Original Source Shea Butter & Honey, £2.30, 
A super smoothie for the morning, in the form of a shower gel.
For those eco mummas - Original Source uses less plastic than standard shower gel bottles. AND you can often find this for the bargain sum of £1 at Poundland.
Sanex Zero Dry Skin Shower Gel, £2.29, All major supermarkets
Most mummas try and swap shower gels while pregnant and opt for more natural formulas with less nasties (parabens can often react with sensitive skin, but are used by cosmeceutical companies for preserving cosmetics). 
This formula by Sanex is derived for super dry skin, and a little goes a long way. 
I love the super sized bottle - perfect family size, and if you use a small coin sized pump on a sponge it'll ensure your whole body is engulfed in this nourishing gel.

Sanctuary Body Wash, £5.50,
One of the first things that happened to me, and that now makes me aware of the fact I'm preggers, is my aversion to certain pongs. Jasmine being one of them (urgh).
But the familiar Mande Lular scent the Sanctuary is so well known for is, well, comforting to say the least.
Ok, it's NOT exactly hailed as mande lular, but does have some of the familiar smells like the infusion of essential oils and spices, jojoba and sesame oil beads - to make it ULTRA moisturising.
Skin is left spa-like and softly scented, and baby soft all day. Worth the splurge, but maybe best saved for special your WHOLE pregnancy ha!
What's your favourite shower gel? Let the BUBS team know in our comments section.
LN xx

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