BABY vs MUMMA I Amphora Aromatics Aromatherapy Products


I have always found that a gentle and pleasant mix of aromatherapy oils in a product can instantly change your mood, and give a sense of well-being, so I thought I would try out a couple of Amphora Aromatics products on myself (14 weeks pregnant) and bubs (18 months old). However, there are certain oils that are deemed to be safe when pregnant and some that aren't ( lists them here), so I chose to test milder ones on us both, which limited the products I could use. The Amphora website does actually have a brilliant 'safety' section next to each product, and will tell you whether to avoid during pregnancy.

My faves:

 Lavender and Chamomile Barrier Cream £4.74 for 60ml

This is one of my faves from the range- a great all purpose cream. It is very thick but rubs in easily as a barrier cream should. Helps protect bubba's litle botty from nappy rash in the current hot wether. Also a great hand cream for my dry chapped Mother's hands! (The website also says it is good for 'gardening hands', but I don't have time for gardening at the moment so can't back up that claim!) It is only very lightly scented. Obviously it is nice and mild too as it can be used for baby, which makes me feel safer using it on myself.

Peppermint Foot Gel £4.03 for 60ml

For tired, swollen pregnant feet, this Peppermint Foot Gel feels amazingly tingly and refreshing and smells nice but not too strong. Amphora suggest keeping it in the fridge during the summer months, and the cold gel does feel more refreshing than warm. It is nice and natural compared to some other foot gels, being paraben free.

Amphora Aromatics are a wholesaler and retailer of many Pure Essential Oils and related Aromatherapy products. They produce their own large range of  creams, gels, massage oils, bath oils, aromatherapy roll ons and perfume sprays.Check out the full range on their website

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