HOT MUMMAS I Current pampering faves for a pregnant/breastfeeding Mum


At 3 months pregnant and breastfeeding mum to a lively 17.5 month old I don't have much time for pampering- but throwing on these few products as part of my daily routine makes my skin and hair feel healthy and lovely again! These products are all a very reasonable price too! (Although not as 'natural' as my usual products, still doing ok on that front with lots of natural oils and no parabens!).

Jergens Cocoa Butter £4.99

 Feels lovely on your skin, smells good and lasts ages!

Mandara Spa Island Paradise Softening Foot Butter £5.00

Just gorgeous, and really moisturises my dried up feet!

Nspa Hair Rituals Repairing Conditioner £4.00

I hadn't had time to use conditioner but when I gave this a try I was converted back to a dedicated user! my hair smells great, is easy to brush through wet due to amazing detangling, and is really soft when dry.

Give them a go!
Lots of love

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