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So the friendly folks at Superdrug sent over a few baby bits from their new 'My Little Stars' range, and I gave them a try with my 8 month old daughter.

Gripper Bottle (Blue) 250ml - 99p
I really like the design of this bottle and have been using it for water mostly. It's nice and easy for my baby to grip, although she is still learning to feed herself and the bottle may be a little long for her at the moment. Still, it's good practice! The only slight problem is that it seems to leak a bit when you don't keep it upright, so I'll keep this one to use at home rather than taking it out and about.

Maxi Nappies 7-18kgs/15-40lbs - £3.99 for 26
These are good basic nappies. They seem to draw out the poo from my baby though as she's done one in every single nappy change so far! They handled it pretty well, although there was no explosion to test, just regular poo. I feel like I would need to change these nappies more often than the brand I currently use, but they are good value.

Baby Bath 300ml - 99p
This smells very much like traditional Johnsons baby lotion, so a bit like soap. It worked up some nice light bubbles in the bath and I successfully washed my baby from head to toe without any tears, so it does what it says on the tin. It also didn't dry out her skin. Definitely a great value product and they also do a bedtime version to help babies drop off to sleep.

New Mum Nipple Cream 75ml - 99p
Since I don't need nipple cream now that I'm no longer breastfeeding, I figured I could use it for something. And it turns out that it makes a great hand cream. It's just thick enough to tackle dryness while absorbing nicely and not leaving hands greasy. My fingers have been really dry since having my baby what with all the extra hand wetting and washing that I'm doing, so this could be a great solution.  The only downside is that it smells a bit odd, but I'll take that at 99p a go. And it's the perfect handbag size too!

For a budget range, these are overall pretty good products and definitely worth a try if you're trying to save. Visit


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