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Being mother to a 17 month old, it has now been 2 years since my last sunshine holiday. However, hubs and I decided that leaving bubs at home while we go off for some sun isn't an option, so decided on a trip to Center Parcs Elveden Forest, with lots of activities for all three of us.

Of course a trip to Center Parcs wouldn't be complete without a treatment at the Aqua Sana Spa, but being just 12 weeks pregnant there was only one treatment available to me: the 'mum-to-be' face and body treatment. I had no idea what to expect but was looking forward to an hour of pampering.

I arrived at the check-in desk which was bustling busy and staffed by several stunning girlies in minimal make up, who directed me to the changing area and then the waiting area. 

I found a nice fluffy robe in my locker but no slippers so I padded barefoot to the waiting area to enquire where I could get some and was informed they cost £1 from the front desk. I would have bought some if I had been informed upon arrival as I dislike walking on public floors but didn't want to trek back to the reception desk. Not the greatest start! 

Water was available in the waiting area but no herbal teas etc, which would have been nice.

Once in the treatment room I was pleased to receive a foot/leg massage to start off, using Decelor circulagel which feels fresh and tingly on the feet.

This was followed by an algae mask on my (tiny) bump. I now realised this treatment would be of much more value to a heavily pregnant lady with sore swollen feet and a stretched bump, but it was nice nonetheless. The mask was left on while a huge number of gorgeous smelling Decleor scrubs, masks and lotions were applied and removed from my face and neck. Finally, some Decelor hydra-floral BB cream was applied which I appreciated as my skin is not great without make-up right now due to the crazy hormones. This smells gorgeous and goes on like a beautiful rich moisturiser with a hint of colour.  It comes in one colour that adjusts to skin tone.

My bump mask was then removed and Decleor Restructuring Stretch Mark Cream applied (although I don't have any-yet!)

I was hoping for a little neck/hand massage but unfortunately my time was up. I then received a soft sales pitch where I was given a list of suitable products for my skin, on which I would receive a discount if I purchased from the spa. I was then shown to the pleasant relaxation room. Unfortunately I couldn't stay and relax though as I had to get back to bubs!

Overall this was a pleasant treatment and my skin did feel lovely and soft afterwards.  My spotty complexion didn't seem to have improved much the few days afterwards but that's hormones for you! (It did seem a little better a week later but not sure if that's the facial or the hormones!) It was also nice to just have an hour to myself to relax and be pampered for once.

Center Parcs does also offer a Creche and Babysitting service which means you could both get to the spa for a bit of chill time if you wanted.

It's such a shame that there aren't generally more spa treatment/massage options available to pregnant mums-to-be, as it's the time when we need it most: but unfortunately many of the products and massage techniques are contraindicated in pregnancy, so options like this are definitely a treat worth indulging in.


P.S I have linked to the feelunique Decleor shop for the Decleor products above as they offer great prices.

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