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Cussons Mum & Me Bump Hydrate & Nourish Shower Cream, £3.49,

Housed in a little corner in my local Boots, the Cussons Mum & Me range looked a little lost and unloved - even a little dirty in appearance. I did start to wonder if it was an old batch of leftovers and I had lost the plot thinking it was a newly launched range. 
However, maybe Boots had just bundled them all in a box and they'd scuffed - making them look archaic.
Anyhoo, I opted to try the Shower Cream - 'cream' being the seller, it always makes it sound so tasty and luxurious, just like the 'butter' in body butter always makes it sound so rich and unctuous.
Appearance of packaging aside, I could definitely smell the soft avocado scent and as it lathered up, and true to its promise, it left my skin soft and smooth with no sticky residue.
The shower gel has a blend of Vitamin E, which I've always used on my whopping great arm scar (E is excellent for stretch marks etc.), avocado and grape-seed oils, and it is by NO means oily or greasy.
I even popped a bit on my legs and shaved away wantonly (forgetting I need to grow back my leg hairs for impending holiday and my perennial wax). 
It's dermatologist approved - tick! Designed to help with that common itch caused by the skin stretching - although I'm wondering if this counts on arms - as my arms have been damn itchy of late!
The scent is really inoffensive and light - another big tick - not sure about the '12 hour' moisturising effects - but can't say I've noticed my scaly legs, having had them on show the last few days (prickly, maybe).
It isn't organic, or paraben-free - but I'm not so worried, I'll try anything (sorry vegan mumma) and for £3.49, a product that helps with your bump/itchiness/stretch marks as well as a nice morning lather up - not really one to be sniffed at eh? Win Win.
LN x 

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