So, what is your baby bag essential, mummies?

Aside from the nappies, the hand gel and nappy cream - what one thing would you panic if you were without?

Mine would categorically be: Nelsons teething granules.
A god send when the little one is irritable, grumpy and gnawing on his fist like there's no tomorrow. 
Five minutes after the Nelsons homeopathic remedy is on his tongue, it seems to have worked it's magic. And after the exhausting hours of howling, he nods off *fists the air*

We used this remedy from 4 months old (and he still only has two teeth ha ha).

So, on that note we have a great comp for you....courtesy of our favourite teething granules brand.

A bag full of Nelsons & Bachs  homeopathic remedies, along with a Uber on trend Babymel nautical unisex changing bag worth over a whopping £100


All we want, is you to tell us your must-have baby bag item. 
Tweet, Or Facebook us, or wrote below and we'll pick a winner by Halloween!

Comp closes Nov 30th

Go! go! go!

Baby ur beautiful Team xx

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  1. Baby wipes - my Mum always had them with her ALWAYS...

  2. Dummy's lots and lots of dummy's. Always good to have back ups :-)

  3. A change of clothes! Every time I forget a change of clothes Noah needs them! Poocidents, foodcidents... you name it we've had it!


  4. Must have items are Baby Wipes, they are always in my bag and some toys, to keep little ones quiet, especially if you are out having a meal x

  5. Dummies to prevent a meltdown when my little girl spits one on the floor! For me, deodorant in case I forget to put it on in the morning!

  6. Wipes, bickiepegs and dribble bibs - essentials in my bag for a teething boy

  7. I'm pregnant, so for me my MUST have item has to be hand gel/sanitiser. I'm absolutely obsessed with it. After using public transport or going into shops, using chip and pin devises, trips to public toilets (which is a lot being preggers!) Just simply being out and about - I always give my hands a squirt of the fresh stuff so i can stay as healthy as possible, and keep germs at bay for me and my baby. Prevention is better than cure!!!

  8. Has to be baby wipes! They are godsends

  9. yes please i'd love it for my daughter in law due about christmas time x

  10. I have two must have items, one is a bit weird - a silly cat eyes mask! It distracts my one year old whilst changing her nappy, very useful when it's a bad one (!!) and she's wriggling. The other item is a Tisserand lavender roll-on oil, calms me when the day gets too much and as its natural I also put a little on the buggy lining to help my daughter sleep! Blen x


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