We all love a quickie, right? So here's a quick round up of mummy essentials that'll see you through the stress of December with a smile and make you glow through the January Blues...

1. Aromatherapy Associates De-stress Body Wash, £25.75 with a free gift 

With a unique blend of aromatherapy oils (smattering of ginger, rosemary, eucalyptus, frankincense - very apt for Christmas and many more lovely ingredients) add a generous glug to your sponge, self or bath, which will ensure an instant 'ahhh' over 'arghhh!'

Bring the spa home to the bathroom. Whack the hot water on full, get your Take a Break magazine (sad, I know) and let's all take a deep breath in...and RELAX.

Great for a new mum, yourself or any one that needs some 'me' time - that's going straight in my basket!

2. Kiehl's Ultra Facial Deep Moisture Balm, £24.00,

First things first, this little number is not available until January 2016 but I predict a stampede. Perhaps your local Kiehl's store can offer a sample to test it out?
Everyone I introduce to this wintry skin hydrator is hooked.
Despite it being described as 'deep moisture balm' (jumping from the cold air outside to the skin drying central heating is quite simply going to send you skin haywire), the cream is just so light - and a little goes a long way.
It sinks in effortlessly, and doesn't leave skin oily or greasy - it's so great for on the go.
For instance I slapped it on my skin on the train in full view of everyone this morning and I had a nice pinky glow prior to my foundation application.
A good question from my cousin,  Marie, who became equally obsessed, asked was: 'Can I use this in the summer too?'
Boff's at Kiehls - I'm sure you'll say yes - but I don't see why not, if something works for you, trust your instinct.
My lazy summer routine usually consists of my SPF moisturiser mixed in with light foundation (bespoke tinted moisturiser, don't you know?) but I don't see why you couldn't continue using this balm.
The only worry would be that whilst you're slathering on sun cream too - it might just send your skin haywire with all the unctuous creams and the inevitable breakouts may happen.
But my favourite part of this cream is that it has extract of Edelweiss Flower which is known to thrive in high altitudes so it should help strengthen the skin's barrier with the super cold-weather battling ingredient.

3. Clinique Contour & Highlighter Chubby Sticks, £19 each Clinique Chubby Contour Sticks 

The contouring trend shows no signs of abating - and these big guys have been around a little while - if you're late the party, don't worry - just be centre of it!
So some of us love a really dramatic contour *coughs, TOWIE*, but these gorgeous chubby sticks make it easy to find the hollows of your cheeks, apply colour effortlessly and do just that - all while fitting nicely into your clutch bag.
They'll make a great gift from hub, or from you for your girlfriends.
I do find the £19 a little steep, but should imagine there will be some sort of offer on around the festive season - however a small dab, then smoothing over with the fingertips, or softening with a brush, helps the product go a long way.
The highlighter part of this (also £19) is a very soft pearlised hue; think pinky with shots of cool blue through it - it does the job, but isn't the one for you if you want a really dramatic results.
Both of the chubby sticks blend nicely with fingers, or a brush - they're just an all round great purchase for the art of contour and highlighting.


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