FESTIVE MUMMAS I On the seventh day of Christmas...


On the 7th day of Christmas my true love gave to me....
A Christmas day not tied to the kitchen
OK, so it's Christmas day, your bubbas are causing mayhem opening pressies...probably being more interested in the wrapping paper and boxes and where are you?  In the kitchen, rushing round like a maniac.
So how can you beat the stress and avoid looking like you're having a menopausal hot flush?
1. Cheat Option 1: the old adage failure to prepare means prepare to fail couldn't be truer.  Why spend all day slaving away in the kitchen only to sit down too flustered to eat.
People make a big deal of cooking a sunday dinner, let alone Christmas dinner but I don't really know what the fuss is about.  Maybe I'm just a domestic goddess and I don't realise.
Christmas Eve I shall be armed with my veg peeler and getting the spuds and veg peeled and put in water and in the fridge.
This year to avoid too much washing up I have invested in foil roasting trays for the meat and roasties so I can chuck them straight in the bin- OK, not very environmentally friendly but it is Christmas after all.
I contemplated making a pudding, but there's every chance we'll all be too full of turkey and all the trimmings and so a frozen pud will be on standby.
2. Cheat Option 2: Good old M&S.
Sod it, why not just live a little and go nuts with pre-prepared veg, a turkey in disposable baking tin and ready to throw in the oven pigs in blankets.
Everything can be ready, gravy included, so why not spend a bit more than usual and make the most of relaxing with a nice glass of fizz (if only to make the Christmas Day present mess and meltdown more bearable).
You just might need a second microwave that's all!
All hail the supermarket pre-packed!

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