FESTIVE MUMMAS I On the eleventh day of Christmas


On the 11th day of Christmas my true love (even though I don't actually have one) gave to me...

Leopard print leggings

But these aren't just any leopard print leggings, they come in teeny weeny and adult sizes *fist pumps the air*

If you're a little bit soft like us, you'll love a matching mummy & baby duo - even if it's leopard print and your plus one is a BOY!

I've been told off by countless friends for dressing my little man so androgynously, but leopard print is unisex in my book - I'm a massive fan, therefore so is he - and doesn't he rock them effortlessly?

I love these matching MarMar big and little TWINNING pants from THE WEE DEPARTMENT STORE

Rock these buttery soft leggings come rain or shine all year round.

£39.95 for the big 'un's
£24.95 for the wee pair


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