FESTIVE MUMMAS I On the eighth day of Christmas


On the 8th day of Christmas my true love gave to me...
Some boobs that were less wobbly! 
Admittedly, if you were bought bust firming cream your other half may get a swift backhander, but allow us a little poetic license.  We're not advocating violence either.
Being preggers and suddenly having boobs that are growing as quick as Pinocchio's nose has its pitfalls.  Stretchmarks and itchy boobs seriously get on our, well you know.
The N Spa range, which is exclusive to Asda has some brilliant firming bust cream, which I have been slathering on every night!  It smells nice, and is light and not greasy which is a bonus as it's never good getting into bed all greased up!  At £5 it won't break the bank either, so you can chuck it in your trolley and not feel guilty.

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