After what seems like an eternity, for her and us, Kim Kardashian-West has finally had her baby boy.
I'm sure it won't be long before she's in a bikini and flaunting that arse again.
But what will she call it?  East?  My favourite suggestion has to be Wild.  Wild. West. (insert crying laughing emoji here).
And then there's Imogen Thomas who seemed to be pregnant for even longer if that's possible.  Imogen Thomas has had her baby girl who she's named Siera...after she put her rollers in of course.
Imogen Thomas proudly showing her bump
So the big question is, who's going to fill the gap these two will leave in the tabloid and gossip magazines?
But how much is too much?  We all like to share a bump pic on Instagram with our friends, and proudly show off our weekly progress but there's a fine line between that and selling your soul to a weekly glossy.  But then that's just my opinion...

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