FESTIVE MUMMAS I On the twelfth day of Christmas


On the 12th day of Christmas my true love said to me...
Bloody hell, your tan is all patchy!
It's that time of year when summer is just a distant memory and its all about pasty skin and chapped lips.  I've been slathering on self tan and moisturiser in a bid to look less ghost-like and all was well until I glanced down at my legs this morning to find the worst streaks ever, followed by noticing tide marks on my arms.  Clearly it was time to exfoliate!
Of course I'd literally just sorted out the airing cupboard and donated all my unused toiletries to a women's refuge...which included some from body scrub from last Christmas (sorry Mr Jones).  I then remembered I'd recently got some Inner Soul Organics Salt Scrub, hallelujah!

All the Inner Soul Organics range are well, organic, so they are 100% natural.  If you have specific requirements Inner Soul can even produce bespoke products for you, how amazing is that!  Even better, they support the Katie Piper Foundation and Burgess Autistic Trust, so you can literally feel good inside and out!
So I hopped in the bath before collecting madam from school and armed with a festive flannel, got scrubbing!  The scrub smells lovely thanks to the arctic oat, Norwegian kelp, thistle and juniper berries and is really gritty, so you can use it sparingly.  With a few scrubs my patchy tan was no more and my skin smooth and prepped ready to tan once more.
The salt scrub comes as part of the Nordic Collection which is £25 which includes a shower serum and moisturiser. 

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