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On the 10th day of Christmas my true love gave to me...
Baby weaning made easy
It's a good few years since I had the fun of weaning and making baby food, and most of us start out with good intentions of making our own purees for our bubba, but eventually reach that point when we reach for the pouches...just in case.
I remember spending many an evening chopping fruit and veg with every ring on the hob in use, kitchen windows steamed up, before blitzing each concoction with the blender before carefully spooning the mush into icecube trays to freeze.  And then there was a sinkful of washing up to tackle.
We all want the best for our little ones, and no nasties, so homemade baby food has to be the best option as well as being purse friendly.
I'm glad to hear progress has been made in the last 7 years thanks to the fab Beaba range.  These blenders are a little piece of genius, not only do they cook but also blend so far less mess and hassle.
Simply chuck in your vegetables and let the Beaba Babycook Solo steam before blitzing and in less than 20 minutes you're done.  Childs play!  You can also use it for steaming fish and meat as they get older, or even use for smoothies for yourself.  Of course steaming means all those good vitamins stay locked in, meaning your little one really is having super healthy, fresh food with no preservatives or other nasties added.
Not only that but the Beaba Babycook Solo also allows you to defrost and reheat.  There's also a range of accessories to accompany such as handy silicone trays for freezing portions of food.  The other beauty of this blender, is it looks cool, but is also small enough to store, so won't take up bags of space in the cupboard (let's not mention the spiralizer that's sitting in there looking unloved).
Handy silicone trays make freezing portions effotless
The Beaba Babycook Solo is available from John Lewis and other good stockists for £109.99. 


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