Lets start this post off by all giving me and my cervix a massive high 5!  My last pregnancy saw me go into labour at 25+3 weeks before Oliver arrived at 25+6 weeks, so it's a milestone to have reached 26 weeks.

Apparently, the baby is now the size of a red cabbage

The next milestone to reach is 28 weeks by which time baby's lungs will be more developed and whilst still too early for her to arrive, at least the risks are a bit lower.  I really, really don't want to end up in neonates again....
It's safe to say I'm definitely looking and feeling a lot more pregnant.  It's hard not to panic with each ache and pain that I get, and I can't remember what my first and normal pregnancy felt like.  Equally, since turning 26 weeks, and maybe powered by turkey and christmas cake, the bump has got a lot more feisty and her movements are alot more noticeable!
I'm continuing to go the gym to do some light cardio and a few weights, but refraining from anything strenuous or that pulls my tummy or baby containing regions.  Many of my Babycentre friends are on bed rest, so I can't help but feel a little worried that I'm doing the right thing...but then my consultant said I can carry on.  I should think myself lucky that I can still get out and about, as some of these poor ladies are confined to the bedroom all in a bid to keep their babies cooking with far too much time to themselves to stress. (waves to all the supermummies-to be!).

25 week bump
Amazingly, I can do 10k on the bike at the gym, yet walking seems to knacker me!  On boxing day we took the in-laws and Ella to the panto and parking was a nightmare, so we ended up walking over a mile to the theatre....and back again.  Safe to say my groin (there's got to be a nicer word!) area was very achey and my bump was very hard for the start of the show. 
So for now, it's a mixture of trying to keep fit whilst also taking it easy.  The sight of my newly acquired cellulite is an incentive in itself to do something!

Mr J's handiwork (baby and Christmas pud!)


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