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When I became pregnant with my first child, I really started to consider what I was putting onto and into my body. When breastfeeding, this seemed equally important. I am now nursing my second child, and plan to continue beyond this with my healthy regime, which included becoming vegan. I therefore look particularly for luxurious natural products to pamper my tired skin.

I recently discovered Ruth Romano's lovely range of natural skincare products including soap, lip balms and bath soaks, (see ).

The brainchild of breast cancer survivor Ruth Cartwright, who truly believes that “going back to nature” is the best way to move forward, she founded her natural soap business, Ruth Romano, in April 2013, in her very own Cheshire cottage kitchen.

Ruth is very ingredient conscious and her research confirmed that many everyday skincare products are made with chemicals that may be linked to health issues and are damaging to the environment.

She therefore decided not to use any potentially harmful chemicals or palm oil in
her products.  Rainforests are being destroyed to make way for palm oil plantations. Even ‘sustainable palm oil’ has been brought into question as members of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) are allowed to chop down ‘degraded forest.’

All products have the Janey Loves accreditation from Janey Lee Grace who is the UK’s number one natural living expert, described by Janey as “gorgeous, handcrafted and made with love.”

Products range from £3.99 - £14.99, making Ruth Romano an affordable option, whether
shopping for yourself or gifts for others.

I wanted to test some of Ruth's products which I felt would be a real pampering treat for tired new mums. Here are the reviews:

Bath Soak

Ruth recommended her lemongrass bath soak, which is a real pick me up when feeling tired. This smells lovely in the bath, a real natural relaxing scent. I actually asked my own Mum to test this for me too, and she agreed that the salts are great for re-invigorating.

There is also a lavender bath soak for relaxation and to relieve muscle and back pain.

The bath soaks are made with genuine Dead Sea bathing salt which contains high levels of magnesium chloride and potassium chloride. These minerals are thought to have many health benefits and may help to relieve conditions such as arthritis and psoriasis. 


Also using enlivening lemongrass, this gorgeous soap is really nice and natural. My Mum tested this too, and said that although she is not used to the 'tight' feeling of using soap, it was pretty softening for a soap, and she did feel lovely and clean with a fresh light scent.

Made with Castor oil, glycerine, shea butter and olive oil- truly moisturising ingredients.

Lip Balm

I tested the lip balm myself. Made from olive oil, sweet almond oil, organic cocoa seed butter, beeswax and organic shea butter with vitamin E, this balm moisturises deeply without stickiness or residue. Although beeswax isn't stricly vegan, I personally still use it. This is a personal choice as a vegan.

Why not try for youself:

For more information and to purchase products, visit:


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