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When I was pregnant I found the summer months quite tough going. Mainly because of throbbing feet and swollen legs.

There are lots of remedies and tips, including massages, cooling creams, ice wrapped in tea towels, tea tree oil, you name it - we tried it.

Many of my beauty chums advised me to pop my much loved leg creams in the fridge for an extra icy hit - a great tip I found.

When choosing a gel to soothe those preggers pins, most pregnancy specific leg creams aren't cheap.
 I'm not knocking their efficacy, most are excellent. And I love an expensive treat as much as the next person but, realistically, if you're slathering on every day, over nine months, you do the math!

Recently I stumbled across Aveeno skin relief with cooling menthol, a snip at only £5.49. I won't say it's a sweet smelling mint, more a medicinal or cold and flu menthol. 
This isn't to say it's bad, it's just not massively pleasing on the old nostrils.
A large 200ml bottle will help keep those water retention 'cankles' at bay, and double whammy of soothing colloidal oatmeal yet cooling mint gives it double brownie points -  it's also paraben free (no nasties)
Handbag handy, it both moisturises ultra dry skin plus soothes weary legs. It's not targeted specifically at pregnant women, but I say stockpile now!


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