HOT MUMMAS I Emotional Brilliance Vegan Lipstick in Believe


When I was pregnant I really started considering what I put into and onto my body.  Now that I am breast feeding it is just as important to me. Therefore a natural makeup range like Lush's is perfect for mummies like me.

The idea behind Emotional Brilliance is  that colour readings are of your emotional state at this moment in time. Emotions may change as the day goes on.

The base for Emotional Brilliance delivers strong pigments onto the skin but also contains lovely natural ingredients. The range is vegan, cruelty free and never tested on animals. Yay!

These liquid lipsticks contain long-lasting colour in a gentle, moisturising base, with jojoba oil, rose wax and candellila wax base to soften dry lips. This means your colour can be adjusted to however bold you like to wear it, and should stay put all day long.

I agree it is very easy to adjust the colour depth. A smudge from your finger onto your lips and you have a gentle hint of colour. Use the foam applicator for a more intense shade. Mine didn't last all day but all morning, and as it started to fade it left a nice hint of all over colour.

There are a range of shades from red to pink to orange. Today was a sunny coral/raspberry-pink day with shade 'believe'.

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