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We've teamed up with a blogger friend, who happens to have amazing nails!

She's agreed to test exclusive mummy-friendly nail collections in the quest to find the ultimate stay-put, and on-trend polishes.

Welcome Tracy, aka
Insta: @fifty_shades_of_nails
Twitter: @fiftyshadenails

If you want to send her bits to rate and test, please contact her above.

So this month she tested ESSIE The Hide & Go Chic Spring 14 Collection for BUBs.

Here's Tracy sporting the beauts...

This beige polish is called Spin the Bottle

This light pink is called Romper Room


Blue is Hide & Go Chic

and mint is Fashon Playground
We've had the pleasure of meeting ESSIE herself at NYFW, what an inspirational woman, perfectly coiffed, eloquently spoken and yes, A-mazing nails - that were (shock horror) bare!

We asked ESSIE where she got her inspiration for the names of her polishes and she exclaimed: 'darlings, it's from personal experiences', then launched into a story about Charles' Camilla.

Each and every polish is given so much thought & as she radiates so much warmth therefore I've always had a soft spot and I think her polishes are just fab.

A lovely mummy friend recently admitted that the one thing that really made her feel pampered and special for hols was getting her talons tended to. So we've endeavoured to source the best for you.

All are stocked in ESSIE at Boots at £7.99 each and available now.

Tracy says: 'My favourite of the collection is 'romper room' pink as it's a very wearable pink for both daytime and evening. It's not too garish so god forbids if it chips, you can hide any scuffs. All the polishes are good in the chip stakes and one coat will suffice, but two helps cover any opacity.

What's your ultimate mummy treat?


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