HOT MUMMAS | The back-up mascara that won't break the bank


Make-up sure is expensive these days. Most of the time you're looking at a minimum £7 for something as simple as mascara.  Which makes buying mascara annoying when in an emergency situation, like the other day when I left the house without wearing any and only realised my error at work while admiring my haggard face in the lift mirror.

So I hot-footed it down to Boots to get me some eye definition, but did I want to be spending the equivalent of a glass of wine (I know, I work in the City) on a back-up beauty product? Not really.

Then I made an excellent discovery. While browsing the make-up displays I saw that the Natural Collection prices were really low. In fact I had to do a double take to make sure I wasn't seeing things. It wouldn't be the first time I've thought a product was cheaper than it actually is. Just ask my wallet :-(

I'm not sure why but I normally bypass the Natural Collection without a second thought.  Perhaps because the 'natural' part of the name makes me think the products will be less effective, which is silly. Especially after doing this blog where we test excellent nature friendly products all the time.

Anyway, the range of Natural Collection mascaras were only £1.99 each and I got three for the price of two!  It's also not a bad product. I wouldn't expect miracles from, for example, the lash curl version, but in a pinch they all do a perfectly good job of thickening and lengthening.

Me wearing the Lash Curl mascara. Wow my eyes are really wonky!

I'm now thinking of create a whole back-up bag of this brand of makeup! And it'll probably only cost me a tenner :-)

RL x

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