HOT MUMMAS | Getting my '90s on with Lord & Berry


Remember the 1990s? A time of waistcoats, check shirts and Rachel hair, when natural make-up meant brown tones, particularly brown shades of lipstick.

Queen of '90s make-up - Courteney Cox as Monica Geller

Well today I'm having a bit of a revivial (at least as far as lipstick goes), and I like it.

Lord & Berry make these fab 'Twistick' lip colours which are a little more sheer than lipstick but the colour still packs a punch.  They are in the vein of the Clinique chubby stick if you're looking for comparison, except the colour seems a little longer lasting.

Twisticks feel lovely and lip-balmy when you apply them and the pencil style means you can get an accurate line around the lip, so a good compromise if real lipstick is a little heavy handed for you.

Of course they don't just do '90s colours but these two caught my eye and are great for work: 'Shut up' which is a kind of maroon shade, and 'Must-Have' is a shimmery brown.

It's not the cheapest product at £13.99 but if you want to treat your lips it's definitely worth snapping up one of these beauties!

RL x

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