GLUM MUMS | Stinky suits make miserable commutes


More woes from commuter-ville. What is it with men - and some women for that matter - and their stinky suits.

Take now for instance. I'm sitting on the train next to some guy who smells a lot like farts smothered with aftershave.

Now, he might just have a continuous gas leak but more likely is that he's been farting and sweating in his suit for the last week or three cos he can't be assed to get down to the dry cleaners.

This stinky suit syndrome is everywhere and is especially virulent in summer. Makes me feel sorry for all you pregnant commuters. I remember my pregnant summer well and the enhanced sense of smell was the worst part.

I hope I'm not being hypocritical here as there is an outside chance I smell of generic baby crap. But fellow commuters will be happy to know that I never buy dry clean only clothes if I can help it and wash my clothes very regularly!

Stinky suit people - please please get down the dry cleaners pronto! I just can't bear the stench!

RL x

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