I'll be honest, I am generally not a fan of subscription boxes because I am usually diappointed with the contents and feel that I could have picked a better selection myself for the money. However, we at BUBS have discovered one that is actually worth the pennies, either as a treat for yourself or a lovely gift for a pregnant mum-to-be or a new mum. It contains really quality nice products you may not have tried yet and need to know about. Really lovely.

The Nonabox is a new personalised subscription service which delivers to your door a beautifully presented luxury feel box of personalised products for mother and baby, suitable for pregnancy and the first two years of a baby’s life. Filled with hand-selected products from some of the UK’s top brands, each Nonabox is tailored to different stages of a baby’s development. Containing between 6 and 9 products each Nonabox allows mum to discover new product gems. 

The box is also always worth a lot more than the monthly subscription cost. Nonabox is only £25 for a monthly subscription, which includes postage and packaging.

We're not going to bore you with endless lists of our baby box loot, but highlight the little gems aforementioned that both CB and LN loved. Our faves were:

Maison Bebe Buggy Hooks, pack of 2:

I find with my bugaboo chameleon there's not enough shopping space, especially with my penchant of random shopping! I can't go a day without hauling home nappies, clothes, grub etc. So the buggy hooks were fab and simple to make my day that little but easier.

Emma Dodd Books:

These arrived in a few boxes. A friend of mine admitted bawling her eyes out reading these prior to her baby's arrival! They're extremely cute, beautifully illustrated and simple enough for baby, toddler to understand how much they're loved. Such a wonderful collection. Our fave is 'Me', but 'You' is pretty cool too.

I adore this book soooo much! It's a sensory led book with soft fur, and various textures for baby to grab and feel. He loves it, although I think I love it more. It's made me want to go buy more out of the collection, which I should imagine is exactly what nona box hope for their cherry-picked clients. 

Love this super large bright red muslin - no chance of losing this one! I'd probably not think to purchase it due to the colour, but actually, it's grown on me, it's thick, strong and mops up milk, dribble and all sorts.

Thorntons Chocs:

Who doesn't love a choccy fest? The timing couldn't be more perfect as having a little one, there's always visitors. I shared them with my lovely NCT mummies.
Cloud B Sleep Sheep:

The bubbas loved their Sleep Sheep. CB's bubba is pictured above.

With the help of white noise, the sounds of nature, or even a mother’s heartbeat, our award-winning Sleep Sheep makes the crib the mellowest place in the house.
It has four soothing sound options:
  • Mother’s heartbeat
  • Spring showers
  • Ocean surf
  • Whale songs
Sound box timer and features:
  • Two sleep-timer options: 23 and 45 minutes
  • Velcro tab for easy attachment to baby’s crib
  • “Regular” and “on the go” version

Little Grippers Socks:

With slightly elasticated tops no more losing those baby socks every time you leave the house. Fab!

Happy Nappy:

Most swimming classes require bubba to wear one of these. They go over a Huggies to keep in any little accidents. Brill!

Shea Mooti Stretch Mark Oil:

This oil is almost creamy and smells of delicious essential oils. Great for bump. All nice and natural.

Puckababy Puckabook:

Beautifully illustrated this book is essentially a catalogue of sleeping bag and swaddling products from this French brand, that is so lovely you can put it on your bookshelf! Shame there was no Puckababy bag though :) They look gorgeous!
Bibby Bib and Hat:
Bibs £4 each


Very cute this brightly coloured yellow bib and hat is so cute we had to mention it.

Pasito a Pasito Spoon:

 CB's daughter loves this beautiful teaspoon. Their full baby range is also lovely!

Nonabox launched in March 2012 in Spain and spurred on by its instant success it opened up in Italy, Germany, Austria and the UK in September 2013. It is already a hit with over 200,000 mums. In October 2013 HRH Felipe, Prince of Asturias, presented the founders with ´Best Product and Service´ at the annual Spain Start Up and Investor Summit. Now Nonabox has hit the UK.

Remember that every month they send out a box which is tailored to your stage and baby´s age. Sign up at

CB and LN

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