HOT MUMMAS | A tough test for a hardwearing lipstick?


It's truly hard to find a lipstick or lip colour that lasts very long on my lips. I'm not sure why. Maybe they're too dry meaning I put on too much lip balm. Or I bite my lip too much. Or I have too many drinks.

So last week I was going to a two-day work conference and thought what better place to try out my new Max Factor Lipfinity 24hr lipstick? It's a tough test of constant talking, eating, drinking and dry air - if a lipstick can go the distance there it can make it anywhere!

And did it?

Well not exactly- though it definitely lasted longer than regular lippy.

I put it on in the toilet at about 9am just before kick off. Colour under coat then gloss top coat. During the coffee break at 10.30 I checked it and it was mostly still there. At midday I checked it and it was gone save for a line of pink around the edges.

I think this is the main issue with these products. They often work better with stronger colours that actually stain your lips and the colour really only lasts around the edges giving a weird look.

I also found that the undercoat colour was quite drying and even the moisturising top coat didn't really help that. 

However the moisturising gloss stick thing turned out to be a winner on its own. Maybe Max Factor should think about selling it separately!

RL x

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