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There's often days I look at my sallow, palid skin and think: 'cripes, what's happened to me?'

Unable to finish or drink a cup of tea, and/or make one in the first place, and a distinct lack of water in my life - neither can help with the old complexion. 

So baby and I had a sleepover (I call it this when dad goes on night work) and I reached out for emergency help in the form of Elemis exotic cream moisturising  mask.

Part of the Elemis 'anti-ageing system', the formulas focus on targeting pollution with potent anti-oxidants and vitamins to attack toxins. Highly concentrated actives help increase hydration and release to a deeper level, and collagen-supporting and cell plumping ingredients strengthen the outer skin.
The exotic cream mask features mimosa and soothing honey while extracts of sea rocket, orange & bergamot leave the skin massively hydrated. 

These days my once flawless skin is now  a mottled mess. I'll openly admit I have time nor patience to contend with it. Which is why we started this blog, to find the holy grail of products and makeup to make us mums look and feel good - if only for one day.

On initial contact with my skin, the product had a slight tingle, nothing to panic about - I have skin with the sensitivity of a saint.
On cleansed skin, or even while luxuriating in the bath, pop the mask on for 8-10 mins, (my bath tends to last triple that), either way it's no problem. A fine layer can be used as an overnight treat, which I indulged in.

When I was pregnant with my little boy, I never felt that organic pregnancy 'glow', in fact, I annoyingly experienced adult acne.
The slight scarring is still visible, but after an overnight grapple with the product obviously it hadn't diminished, but didn't look so angry. Rejuvenated soft skin followed in its wake (and mine). And that was enough to satisfy me.

The natural skin cycle when skin renews itself is every 6 wks, so for a fair review of any of your new skincare buys, ensure you take a picture of your skin in the harsh light of day, every 6 wks.

I'll be keeping my eyes peeled but on top of the other hundreds of products I intend to try, who knows who will win the battle of skincare armoury - thank goodness there are three of us! 


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