COOL BUBBAS I Baby Elegance Brand at House of Fraser


I was out on my usual shop and spied some lovely bits from exclusive brand Baby Elegance at House of Fraser.

Albie was in need of a new blanket after losing his favourite star one running to the car in the rain.,default,sc.html?redirectQuery=baby%20elegance

The Baby Elegance exclusive brand is designed to help parents relax and enjoy every precious moment with nursery and baby essentials. 
Whether you’re looking for meal time must-haves or a everything for a family outing, you’ll find something for every occasion. 

Over 30 years ago, owner Tim made his first pair of baby booties from his family home in Ireland. Today, Tim has been joined by his son and daughter to create the brand that is now much loved and revered in mummy & baby circles.

Here's Albie enjoying his new blanket:

You can never have enough stripes eh, Albs?

Check out the Baby Elegance shop here at House of Fraser:

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