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If you haven't tried Liz Earle hot polish cleanser yet, where have you been?

The outstandingly fabulous facial cleanser  teamed with a warm muslin cloth ensures all grub and grime is removed. Plus botanical ingredients like rosemary, eucalyptus hops, chamomile etc give a gentle yet concentrated clean and exfoliate, with a squeaky clean feeling at the end.

As SMP is in full swing, I thought I'd give an alternative high street version a go. I've tightened my purse strings and the regular £13 splurge needs to be reevaluated.
For £4.99 you can bag a Superdrug 200ml Vitamin E hot polish cleanser WITH muslin cloth.
Equally, at such a reasonable price point, it seems a great place to start if you've never tried a hot polish, to ascertain whether it'll make your daily regimen.

First of all, massage the product into your bare skin using circular movements, then remove excess and grime with the warm muslin cloth (included) which naturally exfoliates the skin. 
A splash of cold water after enlivens the senses and tightens the pores. 
A lot of people like to 'double cleanse' - entirely up to you.

Realistically, a multitasking product like a cleanser & exfoliator should be a no-brainer for busy mums. 
Plus the fact a hot polish has the feel of an indulgent facial without the fuss and cost - extra BUBS points.

Now interestingly, the first few ingredients in Liz Earle's top selling hot polish 
are strikingly similar to the Superdrug cleanser, in fact the first five ARE indeed the same. 
The only difference is the Superdrug version has a variety of parabens, which to some skin types can be irritants, but are in fact, just preservatives.

The packaging is inoffensive, if a little bland. But hey ho, if this keeps the price down - perfect.
The 'cacao seed' sweet cocoa butter scent (a softer version of palmers) is prevalent, whether it's your cuppa is subjective.
The consistency of the cleanser is thick and unctuous, it sinks in beautifully, it doesn't make skin feel tight, it's just the right viscosity.
 In fact, as fab as Liz Earle is, it's quite 'stiff' on contact with skin, it needs a bit of movement, warmth and manipulating to get it effectively penetrating the skin.

The muslin cloth is not going to win awards for thread count like its more expensive counterparts, 
however don't be quick to knock it, 
it's decent in size and quality and abrasive enough to slough off dead skin cells effectively.

My sensitive skin didn't have even the slightest tingle, and I even made my partner try it - again, lovely job. 
I've had no breakouts, and my skin looks a little brighter as it goes (with 5 hours sleep this is a big bonus!)
Something that's so effective yet so modest in price is to me, a no brainer.
It takes five minutes of your time, for a deep cleanse and exfoliate, and soon as baby beds down - boom, a bit of mummy me-time. 

A 8/10 from me.


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