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My legs have seen better days.

I mainly keep them underwraps for fear of scaring people with their luminescence and prickly paw-paw appearance.
I'm so lazy when it comes to my bod, from exfoliating to moisturising to shaving.
It's all such a chore. And now having a baby, even more so.

So when it comes to making the effort, I want fast and effective moisturisation so I can slap on my trusty leggings or skinny jeans o'er the top.

In between a wailing and demanding son, any kind of pampering has gone amiss so when I discovered Palmers Rapid Moisture Spray - yes, you read correctly: 'spray' - I was pleasantly hopeful.

As I'm about to go to his first swimming class in a few days, we need some drastic moisture action.
After a super swift five minute shower, while he practised exercising his lung capacity, and I desperately filled Freddie the fish (bubble machine) to distract him, I decided i'd attempt some kind of body regime. Thus opting for a thirty second version.

Made with pure cocoa butter, shea butter and vitamin E, the continuous spray enveloped my whole body in a buttery mist.
Rub the product in as you go, and hold roughly 3-4 inches from your skin for optimum results. 
The delicious Palmers familiar scent was ever present, but it seemed less prevalent than usual, a big thumbs up from me.
 It's always nice to waft nonchalantly pass someone in the street and tickle their nostrils with a gentle sweet scent (not sure if they'll agree).
Free from parabens & phthalates, this rapid spray is an absolute no brainer for the summer. I'm massively impressed it's nice and light and is more of a light mist than a heavy, gloopy lotion.

Available in Superdrug now, & Boots in May.

RRP £4.99 


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