SAVVY MUMMAS I Practical Changing Bag Review Beaba Santiago vs BabymelRuby Rucksack


I am Mum to a 2 year old toddler (who is unfortunately still in nappies) and a 3 week old baby. I had a Samsung changing bag previously which gave up on me after 2 years of use, but was great as it was unisex so that Dad could use it too. (I won't review it here as the model has been discontinued.)

The main criteria in my search for a new changing bag was therefore mainly that it is big enough to hold changing stuff for 2 kids, it is practical and  easy to carry, and that it is not too girly for Dad to carry to the loo or take with him on a day out. Of course, being reasonably priced is also a factor.

I decided on the following 2 bags (I like to keep a spare stocked up for when the one of my babies goes to their Grandparents), and here is what I think after a few weeks of use:

Beaba Ethnic Santiago Flowers
£46.12 Available from
  • Large front pocket 
  • Use as a shoulder bag across body     
  • Wipes pouch 
  • Parents organiser 
  • Space for keys, phone, wallet/purse 
  • Towelling changing mat 
  • Integrated isothermal meal pouch 
  • Anti-bacterial dummy storage case 
  • Pushchair hanging hooks 
My thoughts on the Pros:
  • Cute pattern
  • Not too girly for Dad to carry although still a bit flowery
  • The fold out changing mat which is also detachable is a clever feature
  • In-built thermal pouch is useful to keep bottle warm  for bottle feeders or, once weaning, for baby food on the go
  • Separate little sterile dummy compartment on the side means no more searching the bag for soothers
My thoughts on the Cons: 
  • Shoulder strap but no rucksack option to spread the weight 
  • Big enough for basics but not lots of changes of clothes/nappies and contents of your handbag

Babymel Ruby Rucksack
Available from ToysrUs for £49.99 and free delivery;jsessionid=C9A9803524A06862BBE885F016EA471E.app126?searchPosition=5;jsessionid=C9A9803524A06862BBE885F016EA471E.app126?searchPosition=5
  • Made from a soft, leather-look PU (PVC free)
  • Insulated bottle holder with drawstring top
  • Heart embossed, wipe clean linings throughout
  • Matching padded, wipe clean changing mat
  • Water repellent, hard-wearing Ripstop base
  • Two external, easy access zipped pockets
  • Padded, adjustable back straps
  • Removable, padded shoulder strap with built in strollerstraps
  • Zipped top closure with magnetic top flap
  • Four internal elasticated compartments
  • Large internal zipped pocket for valuables
  • Signature Babymel heart key chain
Dimensions 30 x 37 x 17 cm

My thoughts on the Pros:
  • Converts between Rucksack and shoulder strap depending what you want, and rucksack straps can be folded away when not in use. Great for me as I have a bad back
  • Cute style looks like a handbag although may be a bit girly for Dad, especially with the heart pendant feature! 
  • Changing mat folds to teeny size to fit in inner pocket
  • Fits a fair amount of stuff in it although could ideally be larger
  • Has patented straps to fix this on to your buggy but actuslly this bag slides perfectly onto my bugaboo bee bar without them
  • Seems strong and well made- it is made by the people who make Storksak, the more expensive and elite bag brand
  • Well priced
My thoughts on the Cons:
  • Fake leather looks a little cheap, although this is actually ok for me as I am an anti leather vegan
  • Could maybe do with more compartments
  • Can't fit both kids stuff in- only enough space for one set really
Despite having a few girly features, and maybe being a teeny bit too small, this one wins for me. Definitely reccommend. However, this model is not one of Babymel's new ones, so you may have to buy elsewhere such as I did from

More info at


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