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A few years back, there was a huge stampede for Waitrose baby bottom butter. Not for babies, no. But mums recognising the multi-tasking benefits of the cream, hence slathering on their faces!
Would you honestly nab your little ones' bum cream, are nappy creams really that effective for the face?
Here's how we got on...

Johnson's Baby 3-in-1 Nappy Care Cream with Zinc Oxide 
£3.29 for 110g from Boots
available from

I've used this from day dot, it's great on my little ones bottom, I'm not sure if it's meant to have bobbly bits in it, or that's from his bottom, ha! However, in the early days when I was struggling and time pressed, I did indeed slather some on my face. It was gloopy, if a little too thick. However, you're talking to a former astra user! It does the job for both bum and face. It soothes both effectively and I'd happily share with baby!

Organic Babies Nappy Cream Baby Balm 
£9.95 for 40ml

When I whipped this beauty out, I can only describe the scent as intoxicating. Warm lavender, aloe vera, very zen and spa-like.
Baby's bottom has never smelt so good. Naturally I was drawn to slap this on MY wind-ravaged cheeks.
 I can only say it sinks into baby's bottom like butter on bread, and equally the same on haggard old faces. No sting, burn or sharp intake of breath, the wholly organic ingredients make baby and I feel very virtuous indeed (you'd think we were eating it!)
Disguises that all too familiar stale pee smell (baby's bum, not my face) and is really light and soothing.

Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream 
£2.59 for 125g
available from

Now if baby looks a bit red, I reach for the sudo. But as a day to day cream I find it a bit heavy on his bits.
However, many mums will extol the virtues of sudocrem for various ailments. Zits, spots, cracked skin, rashes etc - Sudo is a multi-tasking mash up that every mummy should have in their cupboard. 

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Bottom Butter 
£4.99 for 125g
available from

Essentially this smells exactly the same as the famous cocoa butter, therefore probably is! It has the same thick, luxe consistency along with that scrumptious nutty/chocolatey smell.
I have used this on my hands and body, but have yet to slather on my face, as realistically the consistency is indeed very  thick, even thicker than my usual astral!
However, for bodies, hands, knees, elbows this beauty doubles up for the body as well as baby's bum.
Even more ideally it helps mask the pooey/pissy smells ha!

LN xx 

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