SAVVY MUMMAS I Grolight: Exciting New 2-in-1 Night Light Innovation from the Gro-Company


This is the Gro-light: an exciting New 2-in-1 Night Light Innovation from the fantastic Gro-Company!

Another brilliant idea from the GroCompany, this gadget means no more fiddly night lights laying around- just adjust the light via your light switch. No need to install a dimmer switch: the Grolight fits easily to your usual overhead light fitting or bedside lamp, and fills your baby’s room with a soft glow when you flick your usual light switch only once.

The idea is that it is a gentle nightlight, and can be used to check on your baby without waking them. Flick your light switch twice and you’ve got your usual full light back. This gives the perfect amount of light to check on baby without waking them, allowing for breastfeeding and nappy changing too. Also great for toddlers who are potty training during the night, to avoid waking them fully with a bright light.

See how it works in this short video:

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