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There's no point blogging if you're going to coo over everything. There's a lot of tripe out there, and why would you say something is great if it clearly isn't. I certainly wouldn't.

So, me being rather controversial - here I go.

I was luckily sent Max Factor Excess Volume Extreme Impact Mascara. Well, firstly the mouthful of a title - phew! And the rhetorical choice of words. NB: the last mascara I bought was called 'turbo lashes', I'll give it it's dues - it worked.

The new Max Factor mascara is double-ended. One layer for swooping lashes called 'extreme volume' and a second layer to coat them with a super turbo-charged elongating formula, called 'dark lacquer'.
Ok, well initially it wasn't bad.
The first layer was not too dissimilar to the one I currently use, Max Factors excellent Masterpiece mascara.

 It was the second, I had an issue with. On impact with my lashes it had a horrible glue-like texture. The more I applied, the more my lashes, yes, got darker, but equally stuck together!
Then we got to the removal part. Cor blimey gov, this mascara wasn't budging for love nor money. 
I used simple wipes, baby wipes, miscellar water, shu uemura facial oil - the more I scrubbed the more glue-like they became. Eventually i resorted to picking off the clumps. Which resulted in a sad turning of events - lash loss.
 A clump of lashes fell into the sink, and my once lustrous (ish) lashes were no more but a very obvious bald patch!
Like I mentioned earlier, Max Factor masterpiece is incredible, I use it every day, and on bridal clients. But Max Factors too-long-to-bloody-remember mascara is in the bin, along with hrs lashes.

Mums, save those lashes and stick to their original and best formula. No amount of scrubbing and picking is worth it when it comes to a mascara. They're meant to make our lives easier. 

Anyone else experienced this? Or have any mascaras you'd care to make, shake or hail?


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