HIP MUMMAS I Fun, Unique, Last Minute Valentines Gift for Mums


Hubbies- are you looking for a fun last-minute Valentines Gift for a wife or partner who is a Mum or Mum-to-Be? You may be interested in this unique item!

Angelina Jolie recently surprised hubby Brad Pitt with a heart-shaped island for his 50th birthday present for  a wopping US$12.2 million, see this pic:

As a (much) cheaper option for Brangelina lovers, the Easigrass team came up with their own version for Valentines Day 2014.

You can now buy your very own bright pink easi-island replica, called an easi-heart, created in award-winning easigrass, for just £49.99 including UK delivery.

So not only can you take your island anywhere, you can use your easi-heart as a bathmat (ie go for a walk on your island) or lie on it when sunbathing (as you would your own island). Ha, fab! It also means you can lay in the garden on a damp but sunny day without worrying about the mud!

Each easi-heart is made on a bespoke basis and measures 1m2.

Available from www.easigrass.com

N.B Easigrass can do you a nice lawn too if you have kids running around and want to avoid the mud and keep it good for playtime in all weather :)


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