GLUM MUMS I To pee or not to pee!


For the first trimester of my pregnancy, I felt exhausted, spotty, a bit pasty (and my conflicting hair colour didn't help) but thankfully I wasn't sick - more of a regular upset tum. 
I think it's differing in every woman, it's not down to sex (not the physical part), it's simply how you deal with that nauseous feeling - mine was eating, therefore it passed after a good old chow down.

I'm used to having an upset tum, having IBS. The joy of being pregnant meant I could indulge in cakes, scones, ice-cream, bread…. I'd heard all these stories about how being pregnant can often knock out any ailments so I totally indulged in all those filthy things that are usually my nemesis. But low and behold, they eventually did catch up with me.
On D-day (diarrhoea day) I'd spend an hour dry retching, whilst gripping the toilet bowl as Niagara falls ensued.

So less of number two, and more of number one. Who is with me here? I can't stop WEEING!

In the first trimester peeing was a regular occurrence, but I'm not talking in the day, I'm talking ALL NIGHT. I'm exhausted!! The annoying thing is my stairs are steep, and to totter down with a few pounds on your belly at LEAST four times a night is a precarious feat indeed. 

When I hit trimester two - oh man what a relief, it was like someone had turned the taps off and I really took advantage of having a full night’s sleep - it was wonderful. I'd say around 20 weeks the pee annoyances finally gave way to a gratifying night’s sleep.

But now at 31 weeks, mother nature is rearing her head again - and the pressure of baby (hopefully not too big, please god!) is pushing down on the old bladder again and I'm finding a once nightly trip down those damn stairs to empty the bladder is in order again.

There's nothing I can suggest or do - except drink lots of water in the day to ensure you and bubba are hydrated, and try and calm it with diuretics like tea etc. prior to bedtime.

But at least we know ladies, WEE are all in this together.


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