HOT MUMMAS | How to cope without a shower for a week, or how not to stink in a crisis


This is a bit of a crisis, and I don't even mean the fact that I haven't showered for four days .. and counting.

A plumb combination of trying to organise our house move, trying to pack for the move and packing/organising our 2 week family holiday abroad all before this Saturday (when our flight leaves) has left things like personal hygiene on the back burner. 

I keep thinking surely I'll have a spare 15 mins for showering at some point each day. But then I realise that feeding myself - and the baby - is probably more important. Although I could do with shifting those few extra pounds so maybe I should skip lunch!

That said, since I really don't want my husband to see the male student side of me, I've been busy putting on a facade of cleanliness that involves a few key players from my beauty draw.

Step up Batiste dry shampoo. Admittedly I tend to keep my hair up these days as it avoids painful yanking from Lucy. But nothing beats Batiste for banishing oil and adding a bit of volume. 

Deodorant is particularly useful in these situations and I've been using Dove Beauty Finish Antiperspirant which has a nice fragrance that seems to work well with base notes of sweat. I give my pits an extra spritz before hubby gets home from work.  

I would also use perfume for a bit of added allure but honestly I think he'd be suspicious since I haven't really worn much of it since Lucy was born!

Making sure to give a basic clean to private parts is possibly most important, although I don't see them getting much action until we go away. A good old festival wash with wet wipes, co-ordinated with nappy-changing time has been doing the trick. 

The only thing I haven't compromised on is my facial routine. At least my face can look and smell fresh when receiving my hello kiss. You never know I may be lucky enough to get more than one.

I just hope I have time to shower before boarding the plane or my husband will be the least of my worries!

RL x

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