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I haven't really dyed my hair since getting pregnant with my first baby, just in case of any chemicals getting to the baby during pregnancy or breastfeeding. I am now pregnant again and still nursing, so still being extra careful but felt I needed a 'lift', so was looking for a really natural hair colourant.

Tints of Nature is a hair colourant that is as natural and organic as possible with the lowest levels of PPD pigments (p-Phenylenediamine an organic compound used in over 99% of all other permanent hair dyes and a known irritant) and no harsh chemicals. Tints of Nature colour contains up to 60% certified organic ingredients, natural extracts and contains no harsh chemicals and below minimum EU regulation quantities of PPDs (2% or less of the product depending on the colour shade) so is apparently one of the safest and healthiest ways to colour your hair.

However, the NHS recommends not using hair colour during the first eight weeks of pregnancy and not during the first month of breast-feeding. (The NHS issues guidelines on use of hair colour for pregnant and breastfeeding women can be found here:

I tried the semi-permanent colourant in Medium Chestnut Brown, which is quite similar to my natural colour. This is supposed to last 6-8 washes. I would say it lasted about 4 before fading gradually back to natural.



I found it easy to use: it is a thick cream which you rub into your hair. It smells really nice and natural, no chemical smell, and doesn't stain the skin if you rub off any smudges quickly. My hair afterwards wasn't too different from my natural shade, maybe slightly redder, but the grey was gone (nice one!) and it looked nice and shiny.

My only grumble was that it coloured my bath water when my hair got wet for the few days after dyeing, and it also came off on my bath towel (although this wasn't a permanent stain).

The boyf took three days to notice I had coloured my hair! Not sure if that's just because I am preggers and have loast all sex appeal or because men just don't motice these things!

I would definitely try the permanent next time.


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