FIT MUMMAS | New emergency eating regime doing the job - yay!


Sept Stats
Weight: 62.4kg - YAYYYY!


With only just over 2 weeks left until my holiday I decided I had to turn to my old faithful eating regime to lose some weight. And it's already working after only 4 days!

There's no secret to it, it's dead simple. All I do is eat normal breakfast and a large late lunch, and then skip dinner, which is after all usually the most calorific meal of the day. But I make sure I'm never hungry. So if my lunch isn't big enough and I'm still hungry, I'll eat a snack as long as it's before 5pm.

I've also been much better about not eating naughty snacks in between meals. It was always tempting to pick up a choccie bar along with the shopping, but no more. Of course having zero spare cash helps in that regard and I would feel too guilty using our joint money to pay for snacks so this works out nicely.

So where as last Wednesday I was still hovering around the 64.5kg mark, I'm now only 62.4kg - and this was after breakfast and not having had a pony for at least a day!

Very happy indeed :-)

RL xx

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