GLUM MUMS | to douche or not to douche? There's no question


I just read a hilarious forum thread on mumsnet where this woman was shocked to hear her young neighbour and her friend discussing the how their shower gel made them itchy when they used it to wash inside their bits.

She might have been shocked at young women douching but I can't say I am. It's pretty common among women in the US already and it just seems like something teenage girls would feel they need to do in this day and age (makes me sound old!). It's also something porn stars do apparently, but I guess it's more of a necessity for them since their fannies see so much action :-)

And people do have funny ideas about being clean. I once knew this guy who kept wet wipes by the loo to clean right up inside his bum hole. I always wondered why - I guess either he wanted to be clean down there for 'somebody' or he got really bad skid marks if he left it au naturel!

I think young women these days are way too worried about smelling bad 'down there' and they're jeopardising their health to avoid it. Maybe they never read Cosmo as teens, which when I was a kid always had some Dear Deirdre letter from a girl who was worried about her foof smelling and who was worried would it put her boyfriend off sex. I seem to remember their stock answer being, don't worry it smells a bit like lemons.

Well, the bit about lemons is a bit of a stretch (for me anyway, do let us know if you're naturally citrus fresh!). But regardless, most of us have healthy bits that don't pong without needing to do an internal scrubbing. And douching only creates a risk of infection, or thrush or some other lovely affliction. No wonder that girl had itchy bits. Maybe I should suggest the thread poster tell her neighbour to use some of that Original Source Black Mint shower gel! That'd make her think twice about messing with her insides :-)

Seriously though, here is an article on why douching should be avoided. And douches, but that's another issue altogether!

RL xx

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